Who are we?

Global Care is a consortium of 15 organizations from Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, which seeks to create safe ecosystems for abortion self-care in different contexts, contributing to the autonomy of all girls, women, trans men and non-binary people in the world.

Our commitment is to create safe, free and dignified spaces, where it is possible to dream of a more just and equitable world. We are an organization that wants to make abortion a global issue and self-care an act of empathy and well-being.

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What do we do?

GC members encourage conversations, share knowledge and articulate to create solutions that are adapted to their contexts and allow access to abortion in an informed, free, safe, timely and dignified manner, based on self-care, support and accompaniment, as well as the full guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights under equal conditions.

What do we mean by self-care?

"The right of women, girls, trans men and non-binary people to direct, in part or in whole, their abortion process, with or without the support of health care providers."

- IMAP statement on abortion self-care.


Our objectives

To design and test innovative person-centered models of care that facilitate and support individuals throughout their medical abortion self-care experiences, either partially or in their entirety.

Drive sociocultural change by creating positive narratives, social movements, and community interventions to eliminate stigma and improve knowledge and attitudes around medical abortion self-care.

Transform public policy and legislation to create an enabling environment for medical abortion self-care as a fundamental part of a health system that supports abortion care.

Create a global network for the exchange of information, resources, and best practices on the design and implementation of abortion self-care models with global stakeholders and medical abortion self-care organizations.

Strengthen the capabilities of the Global Care Consortium to develop a context-specific abortion self-management model.

Featured publications

This statement supports IPPF’s commitment to improving access to abortion care for all and to creating a supportive social, policy, and legal environment for abortion by offering guidance and information on abortion self-care.

The research "Access to safe abortion for trans men and non trans and non-binary people: an exploratory study in Colombia" is an approach to a reality that is often ignored: abortion in trans men and non-binary people with gestational capacity.

Around the world, abortion is commonplace, but stigma, prejudice and miscommunication about this right hinder access to it. In this document you will find a series of conclusions on how to talk about abortion and reduce the stigma around it from different media.

This publication showcases insights and lessons learned by Ipas staff and our partners around the world from decades of advocacy work to expand abortion access. This resource aims to illustrate key obstacles and opportunities encountered by advocates, as well as strategies for overcoming common challenges.