This publication showcases insights and lessons learned by Ipas staff and our partners around the world from decades of advocacy work to expand abortion access. This resource aims to illustrate key obstacles and opportunities encountered by advocates, as well as strategies for overcoming common challenges.

Around the world, abortion is commonplace, but stigma, prejudice and miscommunication about this right hinder access to it. In this document you will find a series of conclusions on how to talk about abortion and reduce the stigma around it from different media.

The research "Access to safe abortion for trans men and non trans and non-binary people: an exploratory study in Colombia" is an approach to a reality that is often ignored: abortion in trans men and non-binary people with gestational capacity.

This statement supports IPPF’s commitment to improving access to abortion care for all and to creating a supportive social, policy, and legal environment for abortion by offering guidance and information on abortion self-care.