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Positive Narratives

Although abortion in Thailand is liberated since February 7, 2021 and the law now allows abortion up to the 20th week of pregnancy, access to safe and legal abortion is still limited. Negative attitudes of Thai public affect women both directly and indirectly. Women face with challenges from not only from society, but also their own sinful and guilty feelings for having abortion. The grief of women experience abortions impacts on their life overall. Thanks to a series of workshops on Positives Narratives organized by the Global Care project. We learned how to positively communicate related to abortion issues. After the workshops, PPAT started to be careful when talking about abortions both internal and external. We also benefit from the Abortion Framing Toolkit produced by Women on Web. It is very useful and having in Thai version. We will introduce and promote this toolkit to our colleagues at an upcoming Quality of Care workshop organized in November 2023 in Bangkok. Thank you for all the support and guidance.

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