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Abortion Self-care / Autosoins de l’avortement / Autocuidado del aborto

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What is abortion self-care all about? Why is it so important and how does it support abortion being an effective right for everyone in the world? How can we make this a reality?
These are some of the questions we will seek to address in this space. It is a forum to share the concerns, proposals and understandings that we build from Global Care about abortion self-care as a safe, democratic and practical mechanism for all people in the world.
How does abortion self-care help you in your work as an organization? What doubts do you have about this concept? What challenges do you face today to make abortion self-care a reality in your country? Share in this forum and find out what other realities have to contribute.


Qu’est-ce que l’auto-soin de l’avortement ? Pourquoi est-il si important et comment soutient-il le fait que l’avortement soit un droit effectif pour tout le monde dans le monde ? Comment pouvons-nous faire de cela une réalité ?
Ce sont quelques-unes des questions que nous chercherons à aborder dans cet espace. Il s’agit d’un forum permettant de partager les préoccupations, les propositions et les compréhensions que nous construisons, à Global Care, autour de l’autogestion de l’avortement en tant que mécanisme sûr, démocratique et pratique pour tous les peuples du monde.
Comment l’auto-soin de l’avortement vous aide-t-il dans votre travail en tant qu’organisation, quelles questions vous posez-vous sur ce concept, quels défis rencontrez-vous aujourd’hui pour faire de l’auto-soin de l’avortement une réalité dans votre pays ? Partagez dans ce forum et découvrez ce que d’autres réalités ont à vous offrir.


¿De qué se trata el autocuidado del aborto? ¿Por qué es tan importante y cómo apoya que el aborto sea un derecho efectivo para todas las personas en el mundo? ¿Cómo podemos hacer esto una realidad?

Estas son algunas de las preguntas que buscaremos abordar en este espacio. Es un foro para compartir sobre las inquietudes, propuestas y comprensiones que construimos desde Global Care a propósito del autocuidado del aborto como un mecanismo seguro, democrático y práctico para todas las personas en el mundo.

¿Cómo te ayuda el autocuidado del aborto en tu trabajo como organización? ¿Qué dudas te surgen sobre este concepto? ¿Qué retos enfrentas hoy para hacer del autocuidado del aborto una realidad en tu país? Comparte en este foro y entérate de lo que otras realidades tienen para aportarte.

  • abortion self-care, basically empowers a woman or girl to administer safe abortion drugs without necessarily getting prescription from the health service provider. the concept of abortion self-care empowers the woman to be in charge and make choices for themselves. it is important since it minimizes abortion stigma in the community, it helps to avoid use of crude methods of pregnancy termination like inserting sticks, drinking detergent which can be life threatening. We can engage with policy makers to advocate for self-care but also participate in different platforms where abortion self-care information can be easily disseminated among several implementers for example the Coalition to Stop Maternal Mortality Due to Unsafe Abortion.




  • abortion self-care helps to address issues of long clinic waiting hours since the woman will access their drugs and go home to have the whole process there. issues of attitude are also addressed since there is minimal interaction between the service provider and the client. the challenges rotate around the restrictive environment in the country. drugshop operators fear to have the abortion drugs in fear of the law and even those that have do not observe proper storage and handling of the drug which compromises drug efficacy

  • I think one of the most important actions would be to promote education about the importance of people having access to safe and legal abortion services. In addition, it is important to fight for the reproductive rights of women and pregnant women around the world, including access to quality medical services, the promotion of gender equality and the fight against discrimination. It is also critical to support organizations working for reproductive rights and to enable equal access to medical information and technology. Ultimately, I believe that societal support and the elimination of stigmas are essential to ensure that all people have effective reproductive rights, including the right to abortion.

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